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Life is good.A look into the scraps that make up my life.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summertime memories

here is a neat album I just created I made this one out of door hangers LOL who would think that you could do such a thing. but here it is it measures 3.5 x 8 oh and I used those wonderful papers from K & co

Monday, April 20, 2009

earth week this week!!!

ok here are some recycling projects i have to share Our Ebay design team MLDT( don't forget to search for us) We have a go green challenge this week and we were all to make something green either by using up scraps that we would normally toss in the garbage or use earth friendly items etc. well if you are like me and have kids you save everything for craft projects. I save toilet paper and paper towel rolls My youngest always wants to play with my scraps especially when her friends come over. well she makes these cute silent wind chimes ( I will find one she made and post it later) well yesterday her and her friends were plaing in my scrap room and pretty much made nothing but a mess. so I went in and was picking up ( I usually make her) and I flattened one of the tp rolls that was semi decorated and said WOW this could be a book so here we are the TP BOOK ( this one was actually made from a paper towel but tp book sounds so much funnier.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is a photo frame of my daughter this is another project I created for scrapbooksnstickers.com

I made these for my Ebay this past Christmas i STILL HAVE TO MAKE A SET FOR ME lol

just some flowers i made

this is the scraproom getting built. This is My wonderful Dh and my one daughter building the shelving. He bought all of these for 75.00 Lowes was clearing out old stock for a new one and Dh snatched them up

top ten envelope album

this is a top ten album I made these make great thoughtful gifts too

another kit for scrapbook and stickers

I think this is one of my favorites and it is ME!!! I never make anything for me. don't forget to check out www.scrapbooksnstickers.com to see more of these great items most are sold at the scrapbooking conventions but we do have some on the site

flip flop album